Best Indoor Grills Consumer Reports

Grilling in your backyard or patios is fun until the weather gets bad and halts your grilling process. The biggest drawback of an outdoor grill is that it doesn’t let you enjoy grilled food on rainy days or when there is a heatwave outside.

Some people may not have a backyard or balcony in their homes so an outdoor grill is not the suitable choice for them. The solution for this is an indoor grill. Indoor grills are portable enough to fit on your countertop. 

Indoor grills are capable of providing you tasty and smoky grilled food in the comfort of your home. This article emphasizes some of the best indoor grills consumer reports available in the market right now. Six products below are carefully selected after rigorous research to ease out things for you.

In addition to this, we have also added below our top pick amongst all the grills so you can make a quick choice without investing time in the article.

Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

This electric grill remains the top product due to its brilliant performance. This grill is perfect for indoor parties and dinners and lets you cook a wide range of food items.

     Best Indoor Grills consumer reports

A comparison table is also inserted in the article to give you an overview of each indoor grill.

best indoor grills consumer reports               featurescheck price
Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill• preheat lights • powerful 1200 wattscheck price
Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill• nonstick • LED temperature controlcheck price
GOTHAM STEEL Smokeless Indoor Grill• temperature dial • user friendlycheck price
Chefman Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill• overheat resistant • nonstick surfacecheck price
Secura Smokeless Indoor Grill• portable • grease channelscheck price
Philips Kitchen Appliances HD6371/98 Premium Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill• auto temperature control • dishwasher safecheck price

So, what’s the Best Indoor Grills consumer reports.

Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

This grill performs exceptionally well. It helps you prepare delicious food for you and your family in no time. The most convincing aspect of these grills is their reasonable pricing.

features and Description:

Hamilton beach’s electric indoor searing grill is very user-friendly. It lets you grill almost everything on it as it provides you with a fairly large surface for grilling. High-heat searing temperature locks in flavor and juices and gives the meat a better taste and look.

Temperature can be adjusted accordingly so that the food doesn’t overcook. The unique hooded design of the grill keeps in the flavor and gives your food the authentic taste of grilled food. A removable grill plate makes cleaning easier and is dishwasher safe.

Minimum mess is created due to the drip pan being large-sized as it holds juices from escaping and slides out to make cleaning convenient. A window is also introduced in the grill so you can watch your food as it is cooked.

Cooking is easier than ever with this searing grill. Just maximize the temperature dial to sear food. Green preheat light glows to indicate that the food is fully seared. If you are grilling food that doesn’t require searing, use the temperature dial to grill food at low heat.


• superior quality

• easy to set up

• saves energy


• not returnable

Final Verdict:

This grill is one of the best options available for you if you are a BBQ lover. Simply buy this grill and comfortably grill food in your kitchen without any weather interruptions.

Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill

Many of our summertime memories involve an outdoor grill party. If you’re a fan of BBQ, you must have wished you could bring the grill inside your home. Well, this a real possibility now with the all-new Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill.

Features and Description:

This grill heats up to an even and constant temperature across the cooking surface to properly cook your food while retaining the natural taste. Being smokeless, this grill cuts down the preparation time.

Unlike charcoal grills that require loads of charcoal to heat up, this electric grill is simply connected to a power source and it begins to heat. Advanced non-stick coating saves a decent amount of oil and butter.

 While grilling on this powerful grill, oil and fat drain away into the drip tray that is removable for the sake of easy cleaning. Cleaning and storage are made easy and effortless with the ceramic-tech grill plate which is dishwasher safe.

The Power Smokeless Grill’s Turbo-Speed feature extracts smoke and odor back into the Grill with the help of electric fans. The Water Tray within the Grill absorbs all the smoke and enables environmentally friendly cooking.


• turbo extraction fan

• large cooking space

• smart temperature control


• no warranty

Final Verdict:

Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill is a grilling master. It has some high-end features that make it competitive in the market. Hence, this grill should be considered a reliable option.

GOTHAM STEEL Smokeless Indoor Grill

This particular grill is extremely lightweight and classy in terms of looks. Therefore it is quite easy to transport it and cook your favorite food with great convenience. If you prefer a small and portable grill, this grill is for you.

Features and Description:

With this grill, the food is perfectly cooked and browned on an even heat. No need now to be extra careful about your food being overcooked. The grill automatically sets the desired temperature and ensures the ideal grilling of food.

Gotham steel grill is easy to pull apart and helps to clean the mess efficiently in less time. Handles of the grill are cool-touch so that you can safely grill your food without being troubled. Heat-proof frames also play an important part in ensuring safety.

The grease catcher is detachable and fits firmly in the grill. It is ceramic coated to reduce the production of smoke due to the burning of grease. Furthermore, the product can be dishwasher safe.

It has a decent cooking ground which enables users to cook large amounts of food. In addition to all this, it has a sleek design which makes it attractive along with providing some exciting grilling experience.


• metal utensil safe

• easy to clean

• stylish design


• lacks durability

Final Verdict:

 This product can easily form part of the list of best indoor grills consumer reports. It is manufactured keeping in mind all the aspects of a good indoor grill. Therefore this grill is not a bad option either.

Chefman Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill

This grill is exceptional in terms of build quality. Die-cast aluminum construction gives it extra durability. It is completely smokeless and provides you with a memorable experience of grilling while sitting at home.

Features and Description:

Unlike traditional grills, this grill produces a very little amount of smoke so you can enjoy grilling indoors. To grill indoors preventing smoke, a water tray is required to be filled between the maximum and minimum line. Grease falling is instantly cooled by the water, thus avoiding sticking and smoke production.

The temperature of the grill varies according to the heat zone on the surface of the grill so that users can cook absolutely whatever they want on the preferred heat. A spacious surface is available for cooking your desired meal.

Features include a temperature control knob that goes from warm to sear. Therefore you’re allowed to cook a wide range of food items including meat, vegetables, steaks, and chicken.

A stick-resistant surface allows your food to slip onto your plate easily without sticking. This also makes the cleaning process easier. Another interesting feature is overheating auto-shut in which the grill would automatically turn off heating when the food is fully cooked.


• comes with a user guide

• 1-year warranty

• great value for money


• no return policy

• less durable

Final Verdict:

Chefman Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill is a serious contender for the best indoor grill consumer reports available right now. Having all the useful features, this product provides its customers with a great level of satisfaction and comfort.

Secura Smokeless Indoor Grill

Do you have a big family which loves grilled food? This product is the one you should go with! Secura Smokeless Indoor Grill is ideal for cooking delicious meals for a large number of people.

Features and Description:

The Secura portable electric grill comes with a reversible, non-stick plate which is about 180 square inches. Super large surface saves cooking time and allows you to move food while you grill for perfection.

Removable items include drip tray, water tray, and heating elements due to which cleaning of the grill becomes easy for the users. Excess fat and oil are drained away through grease channels in a drip tray that is easy to disassemble.

A removable lid of glass helps to prevent splatter and is quite useful to retain heat. Extra moisture vents from sides leading to food staying crispier while you grill. A heating indicator light is also assembled with the product to avoid overcooking.

The housing of the grill along with handles is cool-touch so that you are safe from burning your hands while grilling. The product has a premium design which makes your kitchen look more attractive.


• 1800 watts of power

• grill and griddle 2-in-1


• less sturdy and durable

Final Verdict:

Buyers looking for a high-quality indoor grill should pay attention here. It is a great grill when it comes to grilling performance. The best part of this grilling instrument is that it comes at a very affordable price. Therefore if you’re low on budget, this product is the most recommended for you.

Philips HD6371/98Indoor Grill

The last product of the collection is Philips Kitchen Appliances HD6371/98 Premium Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill. This grill is again a good quality product. It makes your meal even more mouthwatering as it is best known for retaining the original taste of food.

Features and Description:

Whether it’s raining or shining, enjoy appetizing grilled food the whole year with this astonishing electric indoor grill. It can reduce smoke transmission to a minimum level so that users can enjoy food without facing difficulties.

Grease and fat splatter is also minimal all thanks to patented smokeless technology. Additionally, users are now allowed to relax because of the auto-adjust temperature feature. The grill automatically reaches an optimal temperature leaving the meat juicy and tender from inside.

Philips Kitchen Appliances HD6371/98 Premium Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill supports a one-minute setup so that you’re able to save your time and spend more time with your family.

Grill produced with non-stick cast aluminum material with wide grates makes perfect grill marks on every food item ranging from meat to vegetables. Also, the grill is extremely long-lasting so you don’t need to invest money on an indoor grill at least for a year.


• easy to use

• easy to assemble

• lightweight


• comparatively small cooking surface

Final Verdict:

This electric indoor grill is ideal for every occasion. Whether it’s a party or an invited dinner, this grill will never disappoint you! Bring home Philips Kitchen Appliances HD6371/98 Premium Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill and get ready to grill tasty food which will make your mouth water.


With this, we bring an end to this article. We hope we are successful in delivering qualitative information to our readers. Using the information provided in this article, you should easily be able to select the best indoor grill consumer reports for grilling your food. Our final suggestion to you is to look for a grill which is best both economically and quality-wise. Cheers!

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