Best Handheld Showerhead Consumer Reports

Showerheads can be extremely important to keep you clean and smelling fresh. However, most standard showerheads can only produce a tiny sprinkle of water, leaving your head dry. Most showerheads are also a hassle to clean.

Combined with the two-and-a-half-gallon per minute limit of standard showerheads, it is essential to note what kind of showerhead you invest in to have the best experience. A good showerhead usually has 9.69 inches, producing a powerful stream of water and soothing sore muscles.

Knowing how important it is and a showerhead that will produce a proper jet of water to keep washing off the hair hassle-free and soothe the muscles, the showerhead needs to be taken a look at properly before making the final decision to buy it. Therefore we have managed to collect our best picks for the best handheld showerhead consumer reports. However, if you do not have spare time to look at all of the six products, consider taking a look at our top pick, the Moen 26112SRN Handheld Showerhead with multiple shower settings and being easy to clean.

Best Handheld Showerhead Consumer Reports

Before you keep reading on, please make sure to read our comparison chart, which will summarize the best handheld showerhead consumer reports for you with the features and names. 

Best Handheld Showerhead Consumer ReportsFeaturesCheck Price
Delta Faucet 75700 ShowerheadSeven powerful spray optionsCheck Price
Moen 26112SRN Handheld Showerhead  Magnetic baseCheck Price
Waterpik XET-633-643 Handheld Showerhead  Therapeutic strength shower massageCheck Price
Delta 4-spray 75486CSN Showerhead  WaterSense labeledCheck Price
Methven Aio Showerhead  Ultra-wide coverageCheck Price
Moen 3667EP Handheld Showerhead  Adjustable heightCheck Price    

Delta Faucet 75700 Showerhead


  • Easy installation
  • Usability is easy
  • Good value for money


  • Made of plastic

First, we are going to be looking at the Delta Faucet 75700 Showerhead, which comes with a lifetime warranty that can be of much use, as well as showerheads that are sufficiently easy to clean. The dimensions of the showerhead are 3.56 x 3.38 x 9.69 inches which is a good measurement bigger than usual showerheads and ensuring proper rinsing.

After spending long hours at work or school, the muscles tend to get tired. Therefore the showerhead comes with massaging jets that spray total jets of water that can soothe tired muscles and revitalize you, and leaving you feeling relaxed and energized.

The showerhead is viably easy to clean as overtime lime, and people can see calcium buildup on the showerheads. Therefore the product must have such a quality where it is easy to clean, and the delta faucet provides just that in removing any hassle to spend extra time cleaning the showerhead.

The lifetime warranty on the showerhead can ensure that whenever anything goes wrong with your product, you can remain calm and stress-free and be eligible for an exchange or get any service done to the showerhead, saving you not only stress but also stress money in the long run.

Lastly, the showerhead comes with streams of water that are extremely powerful and invigorating, meaning that you can stand under the shower and be engulfed by water on all sides. The jet will have a powerful stream of water, ensuring that every inch of you is spotless by the end of your shower.


 Therefore the delta shower head is an excellent investment and a splendid showerhead perfect for your needs of showering.

Moen 26112SRN Handheld Showerhead


  • Magnetic attachment
  • Light in weight
  • Detachment is easy


  • None really

Firstly, we will be looking at the Moen 26112SRN Handheld Showerhead, which includes features such as spot resistance that can make it look clean and free from fingerprints. For someone who is into customizing showerheads, this showerhead is also fully customizable. The product’s dimensions are 6 x 7 x 13.63 inches, ensuring a perfect flow of water.

Regular showerheads tend not to be stainless, meaning that they can acquire fingerprints over time, which can ruin the once “new” look it had and make it less desirable to look at. However, the Moen showerhead is far from that as it comes with a nickel stainless finish, preventing fingerprints from remaining on the showerhead and keeping the bathroom cleaner looking.

Another enticing feature is that it comes with a magnetic base, which can come in handy as even though it is indeed a handheld showerhead, some people can have difficulty holding the showerhead for longs periods, so to prevent any strain or sore muscles; it can attach to the base quickly and provide a hands-free experience of washing and soothing the arms.

Another fantastic feature of the showerhead is the fact that it is is it flexible. So for people who either prefer using it hooked and hands-free can be free to do so, and it can reach all parts of the body for a perfect wash.


So, all in all, the Moen shower head is an ideal choice for someone looking to invest in a flexible, customizable, easy-to-install showerhead.

Waterpik XET-633-643 Handheld Showerhead


  • Powerful massage settings
  • Excellent customer support
  • Minimum effort required


  • Pipe tape required

Now we are looking at the Waterpik XET-633-643 Handheld Showerhead, which comes with a lot of valuable features such as a showerhead that can spray water at a high pressure to massage the head, as well as being easy to install, which can help make the installation easy for a beginner customer. The dimensions of the showerhead are 6 x 7.5 x 11.5 inches. 

The first fantastic feature of the showerhead is that it is straightforward to install. So even if anyone who is a beginner at building showerheads can put it together really quickly without requiring a plumber. Also, it gives a first-hand experience on how to put together any product. It is time-efficient to do the installation yourself and can save you money by not needing a plumber.

The powerful massaging feature can provide ultimate comfort to sore muscles and need soothing and relief from a long day of being tired out. The showerhead projects water onto the head with a powerful jet that can massage the head and provide a soothing feeling to the muscles, and the dual shower heads can cover the head adequately for washing up.

Lastly, the showerhead looks elegant and stylish in the bathroom, sturdy, and provides a stunning performance. If the need to upgrade any part of the showerhead arrives, have no fear as it is affordable to upgrade, get more features installed, and have an overall fantastic experience. The Waterpik is not the only one of our best handheld showerhead consumer reports.


This showerhead is perfect in all areas of its expertise and is recommended a lot by professionals worldwide.

Delta 4-spray 75486CSN Showerhead


  • Excellent hardware
  • Temperature controlled
  • Elegant looking


  • Difficulty with attaching screws

We are looking at the Delta 4-spray 75486CSN Showerhead, which comes with easy cleanability to make the shower look cleaner and hassle-free. Watersense labeling can help reduce wastage of water and contribute to the environment. The dimensions of the showerhead are 6.13 x 6.13 x 10.13 inches.

One of the best features of the showerhead includes a powerful jet that can pump out water at high pressures and relieve any tension in the muscles. There is also a focused spray setting that can focus on any part of the body’s tension. Sets include full body spray, massage spray, full-body spray with massage, and pause.

The showerhead also comes with WaterSense labeling that dictates that the showerhead contributes to less water wastage and waste prevention. Therefore, by investing in this showerhead, you have a good experience and contribute to helping the environment.

Finally, the showerhead comes with a 2 in 1 feature that can help any person. If needed, the showerhead can be detached and be used to reach several areas of the body with ease. Or it can be attached to the hook and be used without straining your arms.


Hence the Delta Faucet is a great choice for anyone looking to buy a showerhead that works splendidly and fully lives up to its promises.

Methven Aio Showerhead


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not heavy
  • Large spray area


  • Can leak sometimes

Next, we will introduce the Methven Aio Showerhead, which includes striking characteristics like vigorous jets compared to traditional showerheads. It is also deemed water-efficient, meaning that it doesn’t let down the other optimal qualities, such as the water force, while saving up water. A lifetime warranty also is ensured.

One of the best redeemable features of the Methven showerhead is that it has a showerhead that is ultrawide with dimensions being 10 x 5 x 3 inches that will ensure that each part of the body receives ample water and is fully optimized to the best use. It covers the jet of water twice as compared to regular showerheads available in the market.

It also comes with a vigorous stream of water that can supply water with 25 times more force as compared to the regular showerheads available, and therefore being this powerful; it is sure to cover all areas of the body thoroughly and give you a soothing and refreshing shower leaving you feeling fresh and rejuvenated and ready to take on another enticing day.

The showerhead also conserves water; it saves on water and accommodates a powerful jet of water to the body, offering the body a refreshing shower and helping the environment. A lifetime warranty is also guaranteed to ensure that anytime you need any part upgraded or an update added, the showerhead can provide it to you with ease.


Because of its exquisite features, the Methven Aio shower head is one of our best handheld showerhead consumer reports. It is a perfect buy and an excellent investment with enticing features to offer.

Moen 3667EP Handheld Showerhead


  • Warranty based
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Highly recommended


  • Small showerhead

In the final product shown, we will be looking at the Moen 3667EP Handheld Showerhead that comes with a design that showerhead can easily manipulate showerhead to fit their desired look and adjustable height; the warranty is also given that can make upgrading easy. The dimensions of the showerhead are 33 x 5.88 x 3.25 inches.

One feature includes the showerhead with a handle that can adjust to any different height to be extended or shortened depending on the size and need of a person and provides an excellent overall wash to the body. It can reach the simplest of areas such as the shoulders and the most difficult places such as the back of the body with great ease.

The showerhead also comes with holes that provide a powerful stream of water to flow that can not only massage the authority from all different angles, but due to the force, it can reach all areas of the body as well providing a rejuvenating shower for anyone tired and sore after a long day is bound to appreciate this feature of the showerhead listed in the product review.

The chrome finish allows for a design that is elegant and gives a luxurious finish to the bathroom, makes it look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and adds a nice touch of luxury to your daily life.


All in all, the showerhead listed above is a perfect investment. It would satisfy all the shower needs you would have, save you money, and conserve water, and is an excellent buy for anyone.


Showers are an essential part of everyday life. Therefore, it can take time and understanding, and proper research before someone can conclude what kind of showerhead to invest in properly—this article experts in the best handheld showerhead consumer reports.

We hope that the article has provided enough information for you to make a conscious final decision about what kind of showerheads to buy. The reviews, the specifications, and everything in between should make you a pro by now.

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